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G Whizz's 'Jah Put A Shield - Over Me' needs 'oomphf'

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by Jamaica star .com

G-Whizz - File

In this weekly Muss Buss Caan Buss song review feature, three musical minds will analyse each song and will grade it on vocal ability, lyrics, musical arrangement and appeal. Songs that make the grade will be dubbed 'Mus Buss', while songs that flop will be dumped in the 'Caan Buss' bin.

The three reviewers welcome feedback from the artistes and the public about the column. Send your comments to bussdem@hotmail.com or mail in your songs to 'Muss Buss' at the Gleaner Company, 7 North Street, Kingston. This week, the muss buss/caan buss team will be reviewing G-Whizz's Jah Put A Shield Over Me (Triumph Rhythm).

Witch: Mi really like the piano/keyboard in dis, yuh can feel di sadness in di song. His voice sounds sad, which is good wid di song.

King Kong: Him voice sound lonely on di riddim though, like it need some background vocals. Di track kinda sound empty.

Queen: I agree on dat, it would almost have one of those acoustic soul vibe, where is just music and an artiste baring their soul.

King Kong: Luu di falsetto G Whizz.

Witch: Fi real, di last part, di falsetto coulda do widdout.

Queen: I like dat di song show a different side of di artiste. Although he sings Life he was more uptempo in dat song. Never know he coulda roots rock like dis.

King Kong: Maybe Jah need fi put a shield ova mi ears.

Witch: Yuh too wicked, it nuh dat bad. Mi like di lyrics and ting, it can hit wid di people going through struggles - which is almost all of Jamaica.

Queen: Yeah, lyrics are good, dis may sound rather prejudice, but if I heard dis song and didn't know it wasn't G Whizz I woulda thought it was a rasta based on di lyrics and di delivery.

Witch: Him need another hit too, caz di Life can't tek into 2010 as him one song, no matta how good it was.

Queen: True and dis is not it.

King Kong: Mi kinda like di riddim, yuh zimmie, and di song in points, but it just sound like one a dem song deh weh if they put on another 10 grand on it, pay some back up singer yuh know, it woulda shotta. For me, right now is just a song weh deh deh. Mi nah bash nobody but a just so mi medz it.

Witch: Real ting. A little more care to the riddim and some backup singers to really carry G Whizz voice when he's being sincere woulda been nice. Wha unnu sey buss or not?

Queen: It a go buss yes, but di extent to which is not known.

King Kong: Dis a add to di body of music weh in di industry dats all I have to say.

Witch: Dis is one of dem mi a chill and a meds kinda music, or when me depress and waan know is not me alone a struggle kinda song. It will get some play cause is not a bad song, it just needed some 'oomphf.'

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