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Lisa Hype responds to Stacious

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Lisa Hype responds to Stacious on Wed Dec 16, 2009 3:08 pm



by jamaica star
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

While she says she does not intend to prolong a lyrical war with Stacious, Lisa Hype has accused her new nemesis of being a hypocrite.

Over the last few weeks, Stacious and Lisa Hype have been trading lyrical insults, including making quite a few references to involvement in oral sex. In a recent interview with THE STAR, Stacious said she initially did her song for women who had the 'good good' and said she was not discriminating against women who performed oral sex and at no point did she call Lisa Hype's name.

oral sex

But Lisa Hype is not convinced, and believes it was a direct shot at her. About a month ago, talk of Lisa Hype was on everybody's lips after a picture surfaced on the Internet of her performing oral sex on a man.

"She say she neva call mi name but inna di song she seh some gal do di ting and mek di world find out. Why she neva do a song before the whole thing pop up? It obvious seh from the song put out, a me she a talk," Lisa Hype said.

She also said the timing of Stacious' song points to her, as she did not do the song when a video surfaced of another popular personality engaging in the same act.

And, she said Stacious had no right to do a song of that nature.

"She's a coward and a hypocrite. Stacious caan do nuh song a style mi. She bore har tongue and mi know how fi har lifestyle go. She a more freak than me. As mi seh, mi a junior and she a pro," she told THE STAR, while noting that they did not have any conflict before now.

tongue ring

"If a did Queen Ifrica do di song, mi woulda just shut up and hol' it. But she caan do a song like that ... . She a do interview with this big tongue ring inna har mouth."

In addition, she said there was no need to see a video or picture with Stacious in the act, as the tongue ring speaks for itself.

"She must be real with her fans dem and stop lie to dem cause she caan seh a just fashion dat," Lisa Hype said.

When The STAR spoke with Stacious, she confirmed that her tongue was pierced and that she got it done in 2001 while in New York. According to Stacious, her tongue ring is strictly a fashion statement and nothing more.

She added, "I know there is a stigma attached to it, but I'm not gonna let society dictate my life. Same way a few years ago when a guy pierce his ears people sey him gay and now nuff guys do it. Boring your tongue wasn't popular back when I did it but its popular now, and is a fashion ting."

Nonetheless, Lisa Hype said she neither plans to continue the word-throwing nor does she plan to clash with Stacious anywhere. However, if Stacious refers to her in a song or while performing onstage, she will address the issue.

Meanwhile, Lisa Hype said she is preparing for her performance at Sting. And, she recently voiced a couple of songs with MC Nuffy.

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