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Spice gets hype on Lisa ❒ Answers former Gaza member with vicious song

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by the Jamaica star

( l - r ) Deejay Spice, Lisa Hype - file

Just a few hours after hearing a song that Lisa Hype did insulting her, Spice has retaliated with a devastating recording of her own.

On Tuesday, there was much focus on a song Lisa Hype did called Sting Aftermath. In it, she insulted several artistes including Spice, Ishawna, Baby Tash, Tifa, Twin of Twins, Stacious and Timberlee. And, she claimed to be the best performer on Sting, which was held at Jamworld Entertainment Complex, St Catherine, last Saturday.

Soon after the song hit the Internet, a release surfaced from her musical father, Vybz Kartel, stating that she was kicked out of the Portmore Empire.

Up to late Tuesday, Spice had not decided whether or not she would do a song in response to Lisa Hype's insults. She said her fans begged her not to stoop to such a level.

But, yesterday she released Draw Me Out, which is a song lashing out at Lisa Hype, and in parts, MC Nuffy, for sabotaging her at Sting. She said the song was produced by DJ Frass on his 'Israel' Rhythm.

In segment of the song, she says: "Mi neva perform a Sting now yuh draw mi out/ Yuh run gone a Sting and end up get boo/ A talk seh yuh tek it/ Yuh a live a big luu/ yuh fi talk how dem kick yuh out of Gaza crew/A di wrong name yuh call, so go plan yuh funeral.

sexual habits

The song's content is rather graphic, as she accuses Lisa Hype of having questionable sexual habits. In the song she labels her 'crawny body', 'fossy skin gal', 'alien-looking', 'hippopotamus' and 'rhinosaurus'.

In an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR yesterday, Spice said she decided to do the song to put Lisa Hype 'back in her place'. "Mi sleep pon it. Mi get up and decide seh she need fi go back in her shell," she said.

"A nuh like she can retaliate or respond to this song. But if she does come out of her shell, that will be the last of it. Even if she ansa di song, mi nah go ansa her. It look like she lose it for a minute so mi just a bring her back to reality."

While she has responded, Spice says she never wants anyone to put her in the same category as Lisa Hype, as the youngster is way below her league.

"Mi nah go toe to toe with her. She is not a deejay, not an artiste ... ," Spice said.

When Lisa Hype was contacted by THE WEEKEND STAR, she said she was yet to hear Spice's song.

"If she go hard, mi do back a song. If it nuh sound good, mi won't ansa," she said, while noting that she respects Vybz Kartel's decision to remove her from Portmore Empire.

However, she said her song Sting Aftermath was not done because she is in any conflict with the other artistes.

"Why so many people attack my name? Everybody deh pon my name, so mi just feel like fi call fi dem name now. A nuh nutten personal. Mi nuh have no issues wid dem, mi just a talk up di tings," Lisa Hype said.

Meanwhile, Spice said she felt the need to mention MC Nuffy because he prevented her from performing at Sting.

"Me and Nuffy a come from way back when. Nuffy was supposed to call me on Sting but because him a bring Lisa Hype, him call up General B," Spice said.

"Him a try sabotage mi. Nuffy fi know seh him is a man and him fi stop buy out gal argument 'cause man a man and gal a gal."

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