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Tech taking over the classroom !!!!

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Tech taking over the classroom !!!! on Fri Sep 18, 2009 5:32 pm



king Written by jamaicaobserver.com

In the classroom, 'technological - know-how' was once the domain of the computer teacher, but that's all changing! What with today's students paying more attention to iPods, cellphones and the Internet in lieu of printed literature, the 21st century teacher must be able to challenge their aptitudes.
"Most of the classrooms at Excelsior Primary School have computers," shares Kerry Ann Prince, formerly a teacher at that school, "we used it to set papers and for filing."

Like the modern teacher, she too understands that any workman is only as good as his tools. That's why teachers need equipment that will enhance their daily presentations. While schools and staff rooms may stock a variety of gizmos and gadgets for seasonal use, it's important to have smaller devices that will help to no doubt make the teacher's life and time in the classroom simpler.

Get 'smart'
Most students - especially those in high school - carry the latest of smartphones. Stay ahead of the class with phones or PDA systems that are MP3, Bluetooth-laden. What's more, you can get creative with the usually built-in digital camera and advanced graphics. Assigning homework can be a totally fun, digital experience. It's called look for your next assignment via text messaging!

Be 'flashy' on a budget
The ΓΌber sleek, thumb-sized flash drive is for any teacher with large files to store but doesn't have the money to buy a new hard drive let alone a new computer. As small as a keychain, it can store text files, digital images, MP3s, Power Point presentations and much more. The drive is plug-and-play, meaning the computer you plug it into will recognise it immediately.

To the point...
The image of the bespectacled teacher tapping a pointing stick against the chalkboard never gets old. Or does it? Up the technology ante with an ultra mod' laser pointer. This fairly inexpensive tool can be used to play interactive pointing games and can make lesson-fun.

On the record
Digital voice recorders are mostly employed by journalists, but the ultra techie teacher may have a go at recording lessons. If you're really into educating with a difference, you can opt to download lessons on the computer (most digital recorders are equipped with downloading software), mix them with music and distribute them to students.

Educational CDs
Educational softwares are also a great learning tool which teachers can use. These generally retail for $800 - $4,000 and come in a variety of subjects. Use these as a tool to further equip yourself, refreshing your knowledge or as a reference point to students. These CD-ROMs may be used to study, with or without the presence of a teacher. so they're both useful to student and teacher.

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