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Unicorn, Ikaya aim 'Arrow' at Macka

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Unicorn, Ikaya aim 'Arrow' at Macka on Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:44 pm



Krista Henry, Staff Reporter jamaica star

( l - r ) Unicorn, Ikaya

Deejay Macka Diamond plans to end her conflict with Unicorn at Magnum's Follow Di Arrow this Saturday, aiming to lyrically 'kill' her former friend.

The ongoing conflict between Macka Diamond and Unicorn, who collaborated on the track Think Bout Mi, will hopefully be settled at Follow Di Arrow at James Bond Beach. The two deejays ended on a sour note last year when Unicorn made claims to the public that Macka Diamond was "ungrateful".

In a release sent to THE STAR, Unicorn explained the situation between himself and the money goddess saying: "I am the one who wrote so many of Macka's songs like Hoola Hoop when I go roun' Big Yard I couldn't tek fi see mi fren' look pop dung so, so I write it and put har back ah lead. Then mi write Think 'Bout Mi and put har pon top again and is like she nuh want Unicorn eat no food. Mi have a new song wid Ikaya and she a tell people don't play it."

small change

He continued: "After Think Bout Mi hit it big, promoter all ah pay her US$5, 000 and US$7,000 and dem money deh, and di agreement wha she come to me wid, is dat she will ask dem fi a certain amount and den pay me outta it. Macka a go look pon me and gimme US$200. How she fi do dat and mos' a di recent hit song dem wha she have, a me gih har? A Unicorn try wid Macka every time she carbon copy out her career and do remake a people song and go back to di level of Lady Mackerel."

Now Unicorn has released a collaboration with newcomer Ikaya that directly takes shots at Macka Diamond. In the song, Ma Name, Ikaya deejays: "Unicorn yuh gi mi bun a goin gi yuh back hotta, yuh caan park mi up like how yuh park up Macka," while Unicorn replies, "Macka was the past she a old quit tired race horse."

According to Unicorn, Macka has taken offence to the song and has allegedly told and paid selectors not to play the song.

When THE STAR spoke to Macka, however, she said she has not listened to the song nor has she paid anyone to not play the song. She said: "Mi nuh business wid it (the song), me nuh business wid Ikaya either, she a artiste? A Unicorn mi have a problem wid, a him mi a guh kill at Follow Di Arrow."

For Macka, she doesn't want to clash with any female artistes and advised Ikaya to clash Lisa Hyper instead. According to Macka even if Ikaya walked out on her at Follow Di Arrow she will not clash her and says it would be disrespectful of Ikaya to do so. Macka said: "A man my ting deh, afta mi kill Unicorn mi a look another man fi kill. Yuh have one bagga woman a clash, a di men me want."

She continued: "Unicorn mus' stop use people and come defend himself, him talk big last year him mus come defend it."

ready to clash

Macka Diamond

In the release, Unicorn said he was ready for the clash saying: "So much people in the business try to help her and she turn roun' and backstab dem: Black-er, KipRich, some odda yute who used to write fi her - even Lady Saw ... So she can come ah Follow Di Arrow come dead like sparrow."

Ikaya has also released a single aimed at Macka called, Kill Off Di Whole A Dem, and she, too, is ready for the veteran deejay saying, "Since 'Granny Macka' is such a good lyricist, why she can never answer in music?"

"I have respect for my veterans and I have crazy love for people like Lady Saw, Tanya Stephens and others, but Lady Mackerel doesn't deserve any because she disrespected me when I didn't say anything to or about her at first. All I can say is look out at Follow Di Arrow this Saturday because this no-name artiste going to kill somebody."

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