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Ketanya Grossitt finds her conviction in the Lord

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George Henry - Ketanya Grossitt

Ketanya Grossitt is not only a member of the Good News Relief Centre of the Prophetic Church of God at Denbigh in Clarendon, she currently serves as Sunday school teacher, after having surrendered her life to the Lord 16 years ago.

She told THE STAR that she loves Christ because he makes her feel special. She confessed that service to Christ demands that His followers are different from others.

"You are not like everybody else. There is this peculiarity about you. You are just different, you are just peculiar from others, and I just like this as a Christian," said Grossitt.

surrender to god

The Sunday school teacher who hails from Halifax in Manchester, said when she started her walk with the Lord, she was part of a group of 24 young people who all decided that the time had come for them to surrender their lives to God.

Grossitt said when her colleagues decided to make the move to Christ, she, too, gravitated to the Lord because she saw a difference in their lives within the community where they could have been distracted.

"When I saw what serving the Lord was doing for those young people, I knew right there and then that it could have done the very same for me," said the Sunday school teacher.

She said God has been impacting on her life and for this she is grateful. She said prior to her starting her Christian walk, things were so rough for her that at times she thought that she was nobody.

"But since I started serving the Lord He has elevated me. One of the things I always talk about is the fact that He brought me through three years of college without me having to apply for any student loan, and I am from a family which financially did not have it," boasted Grossitt.

She bragged that the Lord convinced her that He is real and He is the greatest in the lives of His followers. Grossitt said she had experienced several miracles in her life since walking with God and added that she was an asthmatic child at age four, and was very ill.

healing hand

However, according to her, God healed her since surrendering her life to Him. She said she was able to go through high school and participate in track and field athletics while representing Holmwood Technical without any difficulty.

"So I see where the Lord had really healed me from asthma and everything like that," said Grossitt with conviction.

Now teaching Sunday classes for more than six years, Grossitt said she loved what she was doing for the Lord, as she got an opportunity to teach others about God. She added that Sunday school was that place in the church where persons get the opportunity to learn more about Jesus Christ.

She pointed out that during day services persons learn about repentance but during Sunday school classes they learn better who Jesus is, and the whole matter of discipleship, thus making her feel a level of accomplishment she would not have received serving anywhere else.

Pastor Dwight Angus, said Grossitt was one of those young Christians whom the Bible speaks of. He described her as a virtuous woman, who has kept herself solely for the Lord and the business of the Lord.

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