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Ryno answers Popcaan

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Ryno answers Popcaan on Sun Apr 04, 2010 7:08 pm



Colin Hamilton-Blak Ryno
Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

Deejay Ryno di Stinger, formerly known as Blak Ryno, has responded lyrically to Popcaan's 'Dem Sell We Out', in his recently released 'U Vex Eeh'.

When Ryno left from the Portmore Empire weeks ago, Vybz Kartel's newly named protégé Popcaan, released his Dem Sell We Out on the 'Remedy' rhythm, which most persons claim was throwing words at Ryno.

In the song Popcaan deejayed: "Di likkle fool neva real to di ting/deep inna him heart him badmind di king/a watch di man rose gold chain and ring/and a dat give him power in di song weh him sing/mi see sey yuh bad mind from yuh born/yuh nuh rate Jah Vinci, yuh nuh rate Shawn Storm/vex true di general sign Popcaan."

He continues, "why yuh do wid we dat Peter, use mi fadda fi get visa/lemme tell yuh bout fake friend/look how Vybz Kartel did honour dem/ungrateful people a go sorry when every yute a get rich and a nuh bruk again."


In Ryno's U Vex Eeh, the deejay in his introduction says: "how dem mean mi sell out? Freedom ova bondage mi sey, life ova death, good ova evil."

He deejays: "How dem mean sey man sell out? when a dem bad mind me ting/how yuh mean sey mi bad mind yuh boss fi him rose gold and ring? rememba a me drive up and down wid yuh /a uptown/till yuh know yuh king/me and mi shadow nuh fi inna nuh clashing ting/stop sing like how mi sing."

On Youtube, persons have been responding positively to Ryno's song as one person commented: "Kartel, mi know you heart hurt yuh fi lose da student ya," while another added: "Mad dem caan stop tha youth yah now."

Since leaving the Portmore Empire, Ryno has not only changed his name but has also formed his own group called 'Garrison'. He recently released a video for his song Mi Lef, which talks about his split from the Empire.

Ryno has also joined musical forces with former Portmore Empire member Kym, for the song Last Night on the 'Summa Swing' rhythm. Popcaan has recently released a song with Kartel and Gaza Slim called Clarkes which has been getting heavy rotation.

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