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Online, phone chat with Bounty, Fans get personal with Killer!!!!

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Online, phone chat with Bounty

Fans get personal with Killer

Roxroy McLean, Star Intern

Knowing that the self-proclaimed 'Ground God', Bounty Killer, would be giving them their chance to rap with him, fans from all across the island, began calling at least two hours before the scheduled 6 p.m. appointment, as they were determined to hear the 'Warlord' in person.

Prior to the phone chat, Bounty Killer, who was the STAR's artiste for the month of September, interacted with some very interesting, yet dedicated fans online, who in return, took the opportunity to ask him about some very pressing issues.

'Gully/Gaza' feud

Some asked about the ongoing 'Gully/Gaza' feud, others asked about the new feud between his musical son, Mavado and Cassava-Piece based selector, Foota Hype, while others simply praised Bounty Killer for his musical contribution to dancehall music which spans over a decade.

The phone chat was also very exciting, as the calls were very hilarious, but none beating the potency of Sheldon Pang, who claimed he has been a fan of Bounty Killer since 1992.

He said, in a very exciting tone, "Killa a you dat? Yow mi a yuh biggest fan ennuh ... yuh a di boss ... mi nuh know if yuh know me but remember mi did deh a Sumfest a jump up inna di crowd?" As if Bounty Killer could have really picked him out of a crowd of thousands of other jumping fans.

Despite being a hard-core lyricist, mostly for his gun anthem songs, Bounty Killer was quite popular with the females, as a number of them called in. Some were in disbelief, saying, "I cyah believe mi a talk to yuh now, Killer a really you dat?"

A very dumbfounded Kerene, who called in from Portmore, St Catherine, gave words of encouragement to the deejay and his Alliance crew, particularly pinpointing Mavado. She said: "Just gwaan do your ting Killa, yuh a di biggest thing. Mi waa yuh tell Mavado fi gwaan easy and nuh mek nuh badi draw im out."

In the end, a very pleased Bounty Killer said, "It wicked ennuh! Yuh si seh a crazy ting, di fans dem luv we. The most important thing they (fans) asked me was about di Kartel-Bolt thing (where Bolt made utterances about his support for Gaza at a recent celebration party), Foota Hype and Mavado. Those things are something I would want to discuss anytime."

Roxroy McLean Photo
'The Warlord', Bounty Killer talking on the phone with fans during The STARS' online/phone chat feature yesterday evening.

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