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Nuffy, Lisa Hyper at odds?

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Nuffy, Lisa Hyper at odds? on Sun Aug 15, 2010 7:28 pm



File photo: Lisa Hyper

Hasani Walters, Star Writer

Popular MC and deejay, Nuffy, is seeking to clear the air about a recent rumour that has surfaced, stating that he and former Portmore Empire member, Lisa Hyper, are at odds, as it is said that he had been fired as her manager.

According to Nuffy, "Nutten nuh go suh, I was never Lisa's official manager. I was just someone who guided her using mi knowledge of the industry an all. Furthermore, mi an Lisa nuh ave nuh friction.

He added that, "Lisa is not di problem, har sista is the problem. Har sista a seh Nuffy a get too much money but when Vybz Kartel was doing his thing she couldn't seh nutten, she couldn't even call, but as soon as mi tek up Lisa career, bring har guh Sting an mek she tek di show, is a problem. She jus badmind dat Lisa career a tek off an fi har nah guh nuh weh. She all guh check Beenie Man bredda name Blue fi ask him bout how much money manager get an wah manager fi do."

Mi jus waan Jamaica know seh mi an Lisa nuh have nutten. Mi an har talk good good same way," he added.

Nuffy has been busy managing the career of Nicky Bling, a young upcoming female artiste, and helping out with the careers of Ataru and Summer Angel.

proper organisation

When THE STAR contacted Tasha Gooden, Lisa Hyper's sister acting in the capacity of business manager, she said: "I'm not aware that myself and Nuffy have any friction. He used to play the role of a road manager. Lisa's now on her own and needs proper organisation to bring her career to the next level. We wanted Nuffy on the management team but we had some differences that we were unable to work out, so he decided not to be a part of the team. Everyone wasn't on the same page, he took the option to leave and as far as I'm concerned there is no friction."

According to Gooden, Lisa Hyper's career is currently in a building stage, and they are taking the summer to rebuild. They are also preparing for shows overseas including a Canadian tour and doing promotional work for her single, Nuh Stress Mi Out featuring Beenie Man.

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