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EXOTIC CLUB PATRON BEATEN ❒ Goes on spending spree with fake money ❒ Rakes up $50,000 in expenses (Read More)

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A man who eportedly brought a bag full of money to an exotic club in Hopeton, Manchester on Saturday was chased, held and eventually beaten after is was discovered that the notes were fake.

Reports reaching THE STAR is that the young man, whose identity is not known, suddenly became the target of a group of go-go dancers and security personnel, who he had tricked with his 'bag a money'.

"Di yute come een wid a bag a money eno, di bag strap cross him side full a Manley ($1,000) and nanny ($500) and as him reach een him start gi di girl dem," Markie, a member of the security team at the club told THE STAR.

THE STAR was told that the man arrived at the club sometime around midnight and immediately started to tip the dancers who quickly directed their attention to him as he flaunted the cash by tipping them and paying for lap dances.

He was said to be joined by another man for whom he also paid for lap dances.

THE STAR was further told that the trick was soon discovered by a bartender who reportedly became suspicious after seeing the accused trickster taking money from the bag as well as his pocket to pay for liquor he had ordered for him and the other man.

"Is like him tek some liquor and when the girl go fi collect she realise seh him tek money out a di bag and den tek some out a him pocket even though di bag full a money," Markie explained.

Subsequent checks found that the man had been using a mixture of real and fake notes.

THE STAR was further told that a quiet effort was planned to get a hold of the man and he was taken outside by one of the dancers, who claimed she wanted to have a chat.

Once outside, he was accosted by security personnel. The man, however, managed to escape their hold and made a quick dash down the road.

"Di man mek a mad run when dem try hol' him but dem hol him still an put on some lick ... all di go-go dem put it on pon him," Markie said.

THE STAR was told that the man's expenses amounted to some $50,000.

The Manchester police say no formal report was filed but they have heard of the incident and even went to the scene of the beating. By that time though, the trickster had already escaped the angry group.

"We heard of a disturbance near the club but when the team got there the man had ran away," Detective Corporal Marcus Samuels said.

*Name changed upon request.

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